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Invigorate Your Health at La Porte Chiropractic Associates

Take charge of your health with our holistic, science-based approach to care.
You'll feel empowered to live a better lifestyle with our personalized plans!

La Porte and Galveston Bay area Chiropractor Builds Family Wellness

You don’t have to suffer through pain and sickness, resigning yourself to ill health. La Porte chiropractor Dr. Victor Peres rejuvenates your well-being with natural health care, free from medications and surgery. At La Porte Chiropractic Associates, we give you the opportunity to be in charge of taking care of your body, addressing the source of problems instead of patching the symptoms.

Live a More Vibrant Life at La Porte Chiropractic Associates

Our team thrives from seeing our patients be able to enjoy their lives to the fullest. We often hear, “I didn’t think I could feel this good!” Parents tell us that their children are better able to focus in class or can play sports, benefiting from having their body’s greatest potential fulfilled.

Dr. Peres also offers care for kids and pregnant women, understanding that great health in the future starts early in life. We love to see entire families visit our office!

Get Empowered With Modern Care

We don’t just stand out from other practitioners due to our family focus. Our unique offering of state-of-the-art care includes measurable scans from the INSIGHT Subluxation Station™ and the many techniques Dr. Peres uses, selected based on your particular needs.

You deserve health care that’s individualized to your needs, giving precise correction to the areas of your body that require it. We’ll educate you along the way to take control of your health, giving you the information you need to achieve a better lifestyle.

We’ll help keep you and your family feeling great! Contact us today to find out what we may be able to do for you. X-ray facilities are on-site so that we can understand exactly how to help you.