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Pediatric Chiropractic Care in La Porte

Pediatric-chiropracticAdults and children alike live their lives through the nervous system. This remarkable system controls and regulates all the functions in the body. When there is an interference in the nervous system, it is forced into a sympathetic state, also known as fight-or-flight, in response to this interference or stress. Dr. Peres can help you and your children have balance in the nervous system between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. This balance allows a state of homeostasis to exist.

Better Health, From Birth On

As an adult, you know when you have a problem and can communicate about it, seeking help for any sickness or discomfort. Babies and children, however, can’t always tell us when something is wrong. They may not know that sickness or pain isn’t their normal state.

Interference in a child’s nervous system begins as early as the moment they’re born. Birth is a traumatic progress and can be even more troublesome if the pregnancy has been difficult or if intervention is needed. The child’s upper neck and back move through the birth canal in a way that stresses their body, often causing interference in the nervous system. Dr. Peres is trained to detect and correct these interferences, allowing your child to express their greatest health potential.

Gentle Care for Incredible Results

Infants and children require a lighter touch than adults. Dr. Peres is a member of the International Pediatric Chiropractic Association and is trained to help all ages of children. The lightest pressure from the fingertips can work effectively to treat babies. Some children can also benefit from noninvasive instrument adjusting, such as Activator Methods® and the ProAdjuster™, which is often used for those well into their 90s. The Diversified Technique can also work well for children while still being gentle.

Frequently Asked Questions about Children and Chiropractic

What can chiropractic do for my child?

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Some of the things we commonly hear from parents of children who have received care from Dr. Peres are that the child’s ear infections have gotten better, their children are sleeping through the night, their allergies haven’t flared up, and they’re paying better attention in school.

Dr. Peres’ son Colton was on every allergy medication, antibiotics, nebulizers and inhalers for his first year of life. Since getting adjusted, he hasn’t needed a single one!

Does chiropractic care cure childhood conditions?

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Chiropractic care doesn’t cure anything. Instead, Dr. Peres allows your child’s body to adapt to the natural stresses of life by addressing interference in the nervous system. When the nervous system works to its full potential, the body can function better, and your child will experience fewer symptoms of pain or illness.

How do you know what my child needs if you don’t take X-rays on them?

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Rather than taking X-rays on small children, Dr. Peres offers the advanced technology of the INSIGHT™ Subluxation Station to give measurable outcomes of your child’s level of health. They’re simple to take on our younger patients and allow us to understand what they’re experiencing and how best to help them.
Let your children grow and develop properly with the best possible chance at a brighter future. Contact us today to find out more!

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